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One day I had a kid. I called him Ethan. I was bored at home watching Ethan. I had an idea for an online store. I had no money. Had to Google "How to create a website?". I made the site and launched it. None of my friends bought from my store. I was upset. They wanted me to create a website for them instead. So I did. They wanted me to create a website for their friends. So I did. Someone said "Can you teach me?". So I did. People said you should do YouTube. So I did. Some of my work got blogged or recommended

I haven’t been able to stop since.

Ethan is almost 7. He is my muse.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't try and sell shit to your friends and don't ask me to do anything.

The end!

(Only joking! Ask me what you want, I'm waiting for ya)


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Thank you Diane at The Design Creative for turning my confused ideas in to a beautiful, clear and professional website that I'm am extremely proud of. I have felt supported by a true expert the entire way and I will highly recommend Diane to anyone who needs a website created or improved!! THANK YOU