Installing WordPress Locally with Local by Flywheel

What does it mean to install WordPress locally? Well in order to use you need hosting space to be able to view your website on the web. Usually, we would buy hosting from a hosting company and install WordPress on their servers. To install WordPress locally means that you bypass your hosting company and install WordPress on your computer instead, we call this a “local” install.

So why do we need hosting companies?

Well, the difference when you install WordPress on your computer is that only you would be able to see it. You may wonder… “why do we need this?” Well, developing WordPress locally is a common workflow for developers as it means they are in control of their environment, they can use WordPress without being connected to the internet and often it’s faster to develop on and troubleshoot problems. Once a developer has finished the website they would migrate the website to a staging site ( usually a subdomain / sub folder on the actual live server meant for testing purposes) or on the production site ( the live root domain on the actual server which is meant for the public to see).

There are many tools which you can use to develop your site on your local machine, depending on whether you’re a Mac, Linux or Windows user.  The video below is using a program called Local by a hosting company called Flywheel. When I made this video it was for Mac users but since the time of editing and publishing this video, they have now pushed out a Windows version of it too.