Agency and Whitelabel

Are you a design agency with too much work on your hands? Are you a company that wants to introduce web design to your list of current services but don’t actually want to do the work?

I have worked with very large marketing companies to very small design agencies that specialise in using WordPress for their clients.


I can either work with you as a silent partner  under your  brand and have no contact with your client 


I can work direct with your client under your brand.


My specialities include

  • Designer and Coder
  • Proficient in HTML and CSS (Some PHP)
  • Work direct from Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator files
  • Customer focus backend UI
  • Whitelabel video training manuals
  • Always on top of the newest technologies
  • Website maintenance including db troubleshooting

I have been working with Diane for almost a year and not only did she come and improve our workflow and design quality she has also been pivotal in the improvement of our business in general. Our clients are super happy with the work she produces and so are we.

Cardell Media