Move your WordPress site using All in One WP Migration

It’s a shame you spend so much time making a beautiful site and then can’t move the thing. I could leave you in your angst but I’m saving my karma credits for other things. This tutorial will show you how to move the “fucking thing” without ripping out your hair, throwing your laptop, or sobbing at your monitor in despair.

There are two ways in which you can do this; manually or with a plugin.

Manually is where you access your files via  FTP  / SFTP . Download a copy of your database and files and digitally move your shit from one server to another with an FTP client like Filezilla. Once moved you would play around with a few tables in the database to make sure that the URLs have been changed and pray to God / Allah / Jupiter / Flat Earthers that you didn’t mess things up.

I often use this manual method when all else fails or my client’s hosting is utter rubbish (coughs … GoDaddy ). I prefer an easier life, and that’s why most of the time when people ask me questions about migrating I refer them to a plugin to do the job.

Now there are many plugins which do a good job. Duplicator Pro is one of my favourites and Backup Buddy is also one of mine. Though currently, I have been using All in One WP Migration, simply because it’s easy to use and I don’t need to be playing around with the database or see an FTP manager ever. I recommend this plugin highly to people who do not have access to their files either because their designer/ developer/uncle bought a hosting plan which doesn’t give them exclusive access or maybe you’re in an internet cafe and you don’t want to access someone’s account like that. Now, this plugin only works with a handful of hosting companies, but mainly major ones, so there is a possibility that your hosting provider will be listed.

Below is a tutorial to help you move that website from one place to another. Let me know in the comments below if this helped or if you used something else.